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TCR commentator Ben Constanduros explains everything you need to know about the way tyres are used in the championship.

For more info:

2016 TCR - Technical Rules

ART. 12

ART. 13

12.1  Generals
The tyre types will be decided by WSC.
Any system allowing the car to be driven without pressure in the tyres is forbidden. Pressure and temperature sensors are forbidden.
12.2  Dimensions
Wheels: similar to FIA App. J, Art. 263.801 (Certification)
‐ Dimensions of the 4 wheels: identical
‐ Rim’s maximum dimensions : 10"x18" (width x diameter)
‐ Complete wheel: Maximum width at 2bars : 280mm
‐ The diameters at inner and outer rim edges must be identical with a tolerance of ±2.0mm.
‐ Rim’s minimum weight: 11kg
‐ Rim’s material: Cast aluminium alloy
‐ Rim’s Construction: Single unit
‐ Metal inserts are allowed for the passage of the drive to the wheel.
‐ Air extractors are forbidden.
‐ Dry and wet weather tyres will have similar dimensions.
‐Teams may use of rims own choice only with formal manufacturers’ approval. (Certification for the team’s cars)
12.3 Wheel visibility
The upper part of the complete wheel (flange+rim+tire) in straight ahead position and above the wheel's centre must be vertically covered by the bodywork.
12.4 Wheel attachment
Wheel fixations by bolts may be changed to studs fixations respectively knurled-head screws and nuts, provided that the number of fixation points, as mentioned above, remains unchanged. (Certification)
Certified wheel spacers are allowed.
12.5 Pressure control valves
Pressure control valves on the wheels are forbidden.

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